Band issue: Bloopers

We, as singers and entertainers, try hard to deliver our very best in every song we sing/perform onstage. We have to be very professional even in the midst of whatever occasion that might arise. Just look at that band in the movie Titanic who performed till before the ship sank.

But, there are moments when we have funny antics, inevitable mistakes, or just plainly bloopers. Sometimes we could use a smile or if things get out of control, we’d be chuckling, giggling and laughing onstage – to the confusion of the crowd. Most of the time, the people who’re watching us don’t have any clue what we’re laughing about, so let me share you a few of the things entertainers laugh about onstage:

  • Starting the song on the wrong cue

  • Wrong cue of the song

  • Confidently starting a song with the microphone off

  • Forgetting lyrics: 1) making up some of our own which in the end doesn’t make sense; 2) just plainly humming it without lyrics; 3) panicking and opening our song books; 4) repeating the same lines

  • Someone said a word in the song differently

  • Having strong accents

  • Unavoidably making faces when the song reaches high

  • Repetitive mannerisms or hand gestures

  • Forgetting the dance steps

  • Seeing somebody in the crowd dancing to the song – out of beat or rhythm

  • Seeing somebody dance in a funny way

  • Grammar – especially on spiels (just to make sense out of something while waiting for the next song)

  • Seeing a guest trying to sing along with the song, but we’d notice that he’s mouthing different lyrics while he closes his eyes and emotes to the song

  • Smelling a foul odour or someone near farted so you’d turn around to look for the culprit, only to find out that your colleagues are also suspecting that it’s you who farted

  • A song request with a wrong title or funny spelling

  • Uncomfortable clothing or wardrobe malfunction (Tell me about it!!! Hahaha!)

  • Seeing a guest who’s trying to get your attention

  • The pointed heel of the shoes stuck in a hole of the stage

  • Accessories falling and flying off

  • Unintentionally spitting saliva while singing

  • When ill or during colds, you can feel the mucus running down from your nose especially during fast song

  • Tripping over something

  • Hitting the teeth or mouth with the microphone

  • Stepping on the cord of the microphone therefore pulling it off from the microphone itself

  • … and lots more…

These are the things that would easily crack me up and I tell you, I’m basing it on the experiences of mine and my friends (sabay nagturo eh, hahaha!). So the next time you see us laughing uncontrollably, check out the surroundings to match it with the stuff written above. Till next issue!

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