There is this herbal wine that I’ve been taking for more than a year now which gives me pleasant results with my health. I take it as soon as I wake up and it’s herbal so don’t point your finger at me and call me an alcoholic! Hahaha!

Re:vive health drink is a product of an MLM company, VisionQuest Philippines. They have a line of health drinks that can cure certain diseases and illnesses. The health drink that I’ve been taking helps me with my overall health. It also helps my thyroid to function properly, although I need a larger dose than 2 jiggers a day to diminish it. I used to take 5 jiggers a day but the bottle only lasts for 10 days. I did it when I was in the Philippines, but now I’m here overseas, I have to save every drop of it because it’s not easy to get it from here. Selena brought 3 wines when they came here and I’m already on my 2nd bottle.

My aunt is going back to Manila on the 9th, so I’m convincing her to bring me 10 bottles! Hahaha!

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