Christmas blues

I’m an inch close to admitting that I’m all stressed out – but only close to that. It’s because it’s almost the end of the year and with Christmas around the corner, I’m starting to feel the Christmas blues. I don’t know what it is in Christmas but for me, it’s a season for me to recall and reminisce all the good and bad things I have done – not that I’m still impatiently waiting for Santa’s pressies – but because it’s a heartfelt season back home. During this time, in the Philippines, you would really feel the atmosphere filled with Christmas spirit. Christmas songs being played and sung everywhere, decorations and flashing lights inside and outside the houses and malls, Christmas carolers singing infront of our door.

I haven’t celebrated Christmas, like really celebrating it with family and friends, for quite some time. In the past 9 years, I only celebrated it once in Manila in 1999, when Selena was just 3 months before I went back to work overseas again. The rest of the Christmases were spent working our asses off, most of the time with work extension for the crowd’s delight.

This will be Selena’s 2nd Christmas in KL with us. And I’m pretty glad that she came here to spend it with us, alleviates the stress we have to go through this holiday season. When I’m tired and all worked up, she’d hug me sweetly then I’d be fine. A very sweet girl, she always loves hugging and kissing. When I’m working on my PC, she’d squeeze herself in the same couch where I’m sitting and would ask me lots of questions, most of it I couldn’t answer or couldn’t find an answer to.

Hmmm… wish I can spend Christmas back home… maybe next year… maybe someday…

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