Sound (bad)trip - part 2

Well, it has definitely been a great week last week. I’m kinda stressed out, maybe because of my hectic schedule and my duties. Luckily, it’s my off tomorrow again.

We had a great time at my friend’s place last Saturday. The crowd was great, too. Lots of regulars in the crowd. On Sunday, Marlou, Selena and I went to KLCC to shop. We ate at Yoshinoya but I still ended up eating McDonalds because Selena couldn’t finish her food.

At work at night, it was mostly foreign (whites) in the crowd. We have been having an issue with the sound system for the whole week. I feel that the front desk has been overreacting with our sound, especially whenever we play fast songs. They always thought that our sound is way too loud. But there were lots of guests requesting us to turn up the volume a bit because it was too soft for them. We were left in the middle with a choice to follow the people who have come to listen and watch us. I mean, they are paying for their drinks to enjoy. They could have just opened a bottle beer in their house and sat in their couches and listened to their favorite CD’s. They could have just turned up the volume to the maximum and simply enjoy themselves. But then again, in everything that we do, there’s always a contrary to it.

We might call up for a meeting soon with the sound engineer, our bosses and some lobby lounge staff so we can straighten up the issue. We want everyone to enjoy our music and our work, we don’t want to hold grudges with anyone. Anyway, we’ve been doing our business here in the same hotel for past 4 years and we haven’t had any bad record at all. We want to maintain it that way and we want to work peacefully...

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