Another off is gone...

Another day-off has just passed, and yet, I’m glad that it has been a fruitful one. We were picked up by Aunty Susan at 3PM. Selena, Marlou, Susan and I went to Midvalley Megamall to stroll around. We just strolled the whole 3 hours while Selena enjoyed the Megakids there. She missed it while she was away for more than 6 months. They have kiddie program daily now where they get the kids to join them in their games or for singing and dancing, and that’s what Selena wants.

We went back at 6PM, sent Marlou back to the hotel and went back to my friend’s place to spend some time there chit-chatting with them and my aunt. They sent me and Selena back to the hotel at 10:30PM, just in time for Marlou’s breaktime for his last set.

My friends opened a bottle of champagne, took out 4 glasses for each of us. But I ended up drinking almost the whole bottle, not because I wanted to drink the whole of it. It’s because my friends thought that they still have to get up early tomorrow to work. I really love champagne and how could I resist that?

Time really passes by quickly especially with Selena here. I even couldn’t go to gym anymore. I couldn’t do my usual stuff now that my computer time is less than before, especially I have installed some programs for her to kill time. I even couldn’t find time for my guitar lesson anymore! But Marlou has just bought me another source of guitar basics today at MPH. So hopefully I can find time to strum my fingers into my ol’ guitar which have accumulated dust even it’s inside its hardcase.

I even might resume my Pilates even in the room. I feel bloated. Yoga does wonders to me but it’s still not enough. My body’s searching for the most effective workout – Pilates. So I have to reorganize my daily schedule soon. And for me to materialize that, I need enough rest soooooo I have to go off now!!! Tah-tah!

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