Like her mom

I’m pretty glad Selena has been making lots of friends, especially on this trip. She spends afternoons in the room of our hotel manager who has a 4-year old daughter or by the pool. And she would always talk about her new friend, Noor. She can easily make friends with anyone, even by the poolside, where most of our stay-in guests relax especially in the afternoons when the sun is not that strong anymore. Some of our guests have kids with them so Selena would just simply make a conversation with them and next thing I know, she’s running around with them or pushing each other into the water!

She wanted to stay with us until we finish our contract but we still don’t know yet. I have to make sure that she gets the proper education she needs. And also I have to make sure that she will be accepted in school as a Grade 1 student next school year in June.

As of now, we’re enjoying each other’s company. She’s really a nice girl and I complement my mom for being able to raise my daughter this way, even I’ve been far away most of the time.

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