Rainy KL

It’s been raining in KL every afternoon. I wanted to take out Selena for a stroll in KLCC or Bukit Bintang sometimes but the weather’s not good. She’s also upset that she couldn’t swim when she wants because it’s been raining. Hotel don’t allow people to swim in the pool when it’s raining – maybe they don’t want people to get wet when it rains! Hahaha!

The other day, Selena enjoyed her time in the hotel’s swimming pool. I just relaxed by the poolside while keeping an eye on her. No much guests because there’s no reason for them to enjoy themselves under the sun. It’s rainy season.

Another great thing I discovered when I was by the poolside was I got a wireless internet signal from one of the buildings, PanGlobal, but it was too slow. I just tried to hop from one table to another till I found a signal.

Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow. Selena will be having a swim at my friend’s condo. I want her to have a good time.

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