Poor kid

Today is my day off… Marlou still has to work, though. Sometimes I feel sorry for him because he has already signed a contract to sing 7 nights a week until the end of December. It’s such a shame that we don’t get to spend much time together as a family now that Selena is around.

We went to Sungei Wang today to buy some of Selena’s stuff. Before going back to the hotel, Marlou and Selena went to Watson’s for a while to purchase IDD card. I was left sitting by the stairs of Sungei Wang near the pedestrian bridge, infront of the 2 lifts. There were lots of people passing by the pedestrian bridge when I noticed a small boy, around 15 months. He had a cheerful smile when he saw my face smiling back at him, and I was wondering why the people passing by were looking at me. They must have thought the kid’s mine and I was thinking that one of the parents was standing nearby. The kid was climbing up the stairs beside me and no one was stopping him. I became so alarmed and I was looking around for somebody to look out for that kid.

Two minutes passed with me pulling the boy from the railings where he could have fallen off head first to the ground floor. A barefooted woman with shabby clothes came to pull her off so hard from me that the baby screamed. I was so shocked by the whole thing and I didn’t know what to do. She then went infront of the lifts and pressed the down button.When the door opened, she put the boy inside the lift, but the boy didn’t want to and kept running out. I wanted to help the kid but I felt so helpless myself. I couldn’t bear seeing situations like that. That woman must be crazy! So when the kid finally got out of the lift and followed where the woman was sitting, I realized that they are the beggars on the pedestrian bridge. Marlou saw the whole thing when they arrived. He felt sorry for the kid and even wanted to report to the police.

I mean, what kind of a person would leave a kid in a lift full of strangers? She must have just given the kid to the orphanage and put it for adoption if she’ll just treat him that way. The same sympathy goes to all the abandoned children all over the world. In Philippines alone, there are lots of street children who would beg for food and money even at 3AM. In China, I also saw babies as young as 24 months being trained by their useless mothers to beg – in winter time! And in China, I saw in the newspaper and magazine that newborn girls are unwanted babies. Sometimes the newborn babies, with umbilical cord attached, are left lifeless in the garbage or in the gutter of the street!

I don’t want to frankly judge people who do that to their kids. It’s their business and I don’t have to stick my nose on that. But just wanna share with you all, as a mother, that I am disheartened by those abandoned and homeless kids. All those malnourished and sick kids we see in the news. If only I have enough power and money to help…

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