Busy busy busy

It was our 2nd to the last day in Shanghai but our last performance night at the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel. Our whole day was freaking busy. It started at 2PM when Brice and I went to pick up our last laundry at the Shang and bought some ingredients that Marlou needed for his 3 main dishes for the party later: Chicken Adobo, Afritada & Pork Spare Ribs.

Marlou was left at home the whole day cooking while we ran for errands. It was difficult to get taxi today because it's pay day and also because it's the eve of China's National Holiday. We picked our dresses from the tailor in Dongjiadu Lu, had some alterations so we managed to go back home at past 5PM. I went out again to find paper plates because couldn't find it in the supermarket earlier. What surprised me was finding it in a convenience store. Went back home at 6:30PM only to raise my feet against the wall for a few minutes and prepare for work.

It was our last performance evening and being the eve of the National Holiday, we had good crowd. I had the most pleasant surprise when we were on our 3rd set. Out of the blue and without any note, Marlou played a birthday song again. I was kinda skeptical if the song was for me because there wasn't any other reason for him to play it not letting me know about it. First I thought that the staff just wanted to greet me, I looked around and found that the staff were all busy. Then from their hives, BATS band Culture Shock walked in the lobby from my right with a birthday cake for me. I was speechless and shocked. I wasn't really expecting them to do that. They were almost complete except for their drummer, Kuya Noel, who wasn't able to make it at work due to his injuries. He had his foot casted with a cement after slipping in the bathroom, I guess he was lucky enough that he didn't fall head first but instead fractured his ankle). That's one of the great things I had experienced during the past birthdays I had. Really surprising and heart-warming. Thanks a lot guys, I love you!

After we finished performing right on the dot, I waited for our last food order as Marlou packed all the things & equipments we had on stage. Had to go back home right away for the partayyyy!

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