Celebrate Good Times

We hosted a party after work. It's my birthday celebration & band's farewell party in one. We weren't supposed to host a party anymore. We tried to keep it simple and small. I know most of my friends in Shanghai would be surprised why they weren't invited. Well, it was just supposed to be a small supper which turned out to be a great fun party. Haven't had a fun party with crazy people for such a long time.

We went back home 1AM, Marlou cooked and did his final touches & tastings. First persons to arrive were the D'Zone Band with Salve (Gems). Then the Paulaner Brauhaus Pudong & then BATS' Culture Shock. That's all. We had a great time. Drinks were sponsored by some, there wasn't any beer though. Most of the hard liquors were sponsored by a friend who was at the States on that moment and wasn't able to make it at the party. He gave me 2 Jose Cuervo Tequila & 2 JW Black Label bottles. Kuya Alex, my former band leader, gave me a JW Black Label and Ate Nini & Luz contributed red wines. Everyone had enough drinks eventhough I didn't serve beers.

Being a party hostess like me, Joan suggested that we'd do something special. We took some great photos and even used props. We did crazy stuff and it was sooooo much fun! Keep coming back on my website for the updated photos to be posted soon.

Everyone left all at the same time in a full swoop at around 6AM. Ramon & Sham of Culture Shock got real pissed and stayed with Joan & Gates. Ramon gave me a VCD of the Latina singer Olga Tanon. He said the first person he thought about when he watched the video was me. And as I watched the great Latina, I somehow agree with him because I can see myself in her. And he insisted that we'd watch every single move of the her - until 7AM! So we watched it while Marlou took care of the cleaning. The party officially ended at 8AM, but went to bed only at 9AM.

Again, I'd like to thank all my friends who remembered... Thank you guys!!!

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