Typhoon weekend in Shanghai

Typhoon started yesterday (Friday) while we were playing our 1st set. However, we already noticed the strong winds while we were waiting for a cab to take us to work. Lots of people got stranded in the hotel last night.

Today or tonight, was the worst part so far. Flights had been cancelled. When we arrived for work, the Pudong Shangri-La Hotel looked more like an airport with a zigzag queue for people to pass through to reach the front desk. There were 2 queues: economy & business class. It turned out that the passangers of the cancelled flights of Dragon Air are staying for the night. Lucky crooks!

Saturdays are usually quieter than Fridays or busy weekend days. But tonight was different. The lobby was filled with people listening to our music. And it was therefore a great night.

But I must say, that the typhoon in Philippines is much stronger and much scarier than this. If it had been raining non-stop for 2 days, Manila will be flooded and the poverty-stricken society might have asked for help or might been relocated or evacuated to a safer place.

I heard from the hotel people that the typhoon will continue for another day or so. Hope it stops tomorrow as we have to do our soundcheck at the BATS in the afternoon and because we have a BATS gig at night tomorrow.

Talking about BATS, I will have to log off now. I need to teach Brice new choreographies for our new songs. Tah-tah!

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