Rainy days are here again...

We had our BATS gig a few hours ago. The hotel was quiet, so was BATS. But at least, the few people that we had there were all listening. It's been raining since Friday night, and it's still raining outside as I'm blogging this entry. I'm running out of printer ink and I need to buy soon, hopefully the rain will stop when I wake up in the afternoon.

I'm having a huge pimple on my lower left cheek and I couldn't wait to just bust it off! It irritates me whenever I see my face in the mirror... and our current house has lots of mirrors and glasses around so I really can't escape getting irritated.

Marlou cooked Afritada just before we went for work and that's what we ate for supper after work. Brice and I chatted about our school lives until 5AM. It's fun reminiscing those times because I can really say that I have lived my high school life. I've done enough prestige and damage during that time, all of which I'm proud of. I wasn't the typical school girl who would just go to school and go back home afterwards. I have lots of extra curricular activities for my notoriety even during classes.

Anyway, I've been blabbing a lot for the past 4 hours and singing for another 4 hours prior to that. So I'll just stop here. Till next blog.

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