Blogging effort

I'm quite busy right now. I don't know why. But once I sit infront of my computer, I'd be engrossed with lots of things that I couldn't even keep track of the time. But I'm trying to at least give blogging an effort. My visitors like you deserve something better than my every other day entries.

I uploaded some new photos on my pbase recently. They're nice & clear that I'm so excited to show to everyone, especially the solo "ala-studio" shots that Marlou took. But I took some of it down, for some personal reasong.

I know that most of you think that I'm obsessed with vanity. Whatever. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. For me, it's sharing people what I have. Take for instance this website or simply this blog page. I can just forget about it and not update it. But I know people like you, especially those who are close the me, want to know what I've been up to lately. I receive lots of mails everyday and it saves me from replying all of those senders just to tell them how I've been lately.

So anyway, here I am, thinking that what I've blogged is purely non-sense. What the heck! People want to know and read some non-sense stuff too, right?

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