Smart ink

Finally bought my printer ink. I bought the twin pack because it's very difficult to converse with the Chinese shopkeepers. First I checked some other printer/ink stores, but they didn't have stock of it. Then I went to this Canon shop where they sell Canon printers, and asked if they have an ink cartridge for my Canon printer. She shook her head, thought she meant they don't have it. Then she asked me to write down in a piece of paper. So I wrote the model of my printer and the ink cartridge number. I explained to her in charades style with matching arrows between the written stuff, she said "ok, wait a moment, please sit down" and left the shop. After a minute or so, she came back to the shop, holding the printer in her arms so I chuckled. Behind the printer were boxes of the ink cartridge. Thank goodness! That wasn't a smart move bringing both the printer and the ink cartridges to me with all the charades-style explanation, but I would agree that it somehow was the smart move to save a trip from the upper floor!

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