Happy Birthday Marlou!

Yes, it's his birthday. I was quite unsuccessful this year to let him play the birthday song for himself because we're not even allowed to do spiels in between songs, so it'll be useless to greet him. Just before our last set, around 11:20PM, I joked and asked him if he can make fun of himself and just play the birthday song, he rejected my fun idea, or stupid.

Every year, I would always think of ways to greet him onstage. Since he's the one behind the music, it's kinda hard to think of ways. One way is to ask a friend or a staff to write a birthday song request for someone else. Another way is to bring out the cake so he'll be forced to play the birthday song. And since I've done most of those ways for the past years, I ran out of ways today. So just before he sang one song, I just said in a quiet voice (remember we're not allowed to do spiels) while looking around if our GM was around, "And now, we'd like to feature our birthday boy, Marlou, happy birthday Marlou!", and that's it.

No party after work because we scheduled a small party this coming Saturday after work. It'll just be a small gathering of people who would like to come & who would remember. I feel sad thought because I won't be the typical "snap here, snap there" party person this time, because my camera is still broken!

Anyway, happy birthday, Babes! I love you!

its not jst ur heart bby... WE WILL break mine too...

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