He kneaded me...

Since we didn't have any special celebration for his birthday, both of us went to the nearby Tang Dynasty Blind Man Massage. We got there just on time, 1AM, to have an hour massage. They close at 2AM. Marlou had foot massage and I had full body massage so we were sent to different areas of the massage parlor.

A guy and a girl led me to a dimly-lit room. I didn't know what to do whether to get undressed or not, but the guy asked me to just lie, face down, on the massage table. Yes, my massager was GUY, and he's not even blind!!! So I thought, hmmmm, this could be a different experience, so I just laid down, inserting my face into the face rest hole. Oh my, he was so strong so I told him in my best broken Chinese way that it hurts... HEY, WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE MASSAGE HERE, hahaha!

So he started with my upper back, kneading, pressing hard, kneading, shaking. The reason why I had a massage was to be relaxed but there he was, shaking every inch of my flesh! And I could tell that he was a perv because he was breathing heavily while kneading my back and when he came to the side of the table, he once brushed his thingy with my elbow! Oh my god, I was chortling under the table (my head was stuck on the face rest) and I couldn't wait for the massage to be over for me to tell my experience to Marl. So he continued massaging my back, lower back, my thighs, my legs. He even cracked the bones on my body by twisting it like how they'd do it in Thai massage.

An hour passed and I got off the table. The guy was smiling as he left the room, he must have thought that he had scored for the night. I went out of the room, smiling as well, coz it was a rather very funny experience for me. It wasn't pleasurable at all, in fact a bit uncomfortable, but I had a good laugh about it. There wasn't anything wrong about it in my point of view, I was fully dressed and the room was opened. He didn't try to make pass on me by touching any part that's not needed to be massaged, not even my butt... oh well, he patted it a bit, but I didn't find it offending or malicious at all.

It's just that poor Marlou had to deal with the thought of a stranger touching his wife's body on his birthday! Hahaha! Happy birthday again, Babes!

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