Missing Selena

These are one of those days when I wish Selena's with us to celebrate with us.

I always miss her, especially since the day I left her in Manila last April 1st. After spending time with her for 5 months, I have been missing her terribly especially whenever I see the pictures and funny videos I took of her. She spent 4 months in KL with us and another month in the Philippines during our vacation last March. That was the longest time I have ever spent with her since she was born. I started working again when she was just 3 months old. Since then, I only could see her in pictures and during our vacations which I have managed to get every year.

I'm not really worried because my mom is the one taking care of her in Manila. And my mom has done great job in raising me and my brothers, and she's doing very very well in raising my daughter as well. Spoling Selena most of the time, but it's alright.

I'm so lucky that she's smart and wise for her age. She truly understands that Mommy and Daddy have to work for her future, for her schools and for buying the things she wants. I remember just before I left her last April. I stood outside the house and she asked for a big hug. I tried to be strong but I cried and told her that Mommy's sad. She looked at me and said in a matured tone, "Why are you sad? Remember, you have to work because I am going to school soon! You have to buy my uniforms, my shoes, my books".

I bought a PC at home so I can chat with her once in a while, if not on a daily basis. But nobody at home knows what to do when there's a virus or a system shutdown pop-up screens, so my mom didn't want to use the computer anymore. So now, I'll just have to rely on phone calls and just listen to her stories about her classmates, her friends, what she ate for the day, whether she's done with her homework. Luckily, IP cards, the IDD cards that are used in China for international calls, are cheap. I can get a RMB100 worth of IP card for just RMB30-35, which could call Philippines and other countries for 27 minutes. Not bad, huh!

So, as I share this sentiment to you, I know that those parents who are reading this blog know exactly what I'm feeling everyday. Life is definitely full of sacrifices for future surprises.

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