To the man I've spent 10 years with...

11 years ago, I was doing mall shows to promote my 1st album. It was in Isetann Recto in Manila where I had my 1st ever mall concert ever. I've got lots of special guests then. One of them was Marlo Silverio of That's Entertainment. He'd talk to me endlessly and he didn't care even I was obviously wanting a quiet moment alone. Although he was friendly, I still found myself a bit aloof with him. I was still boyish, I grew up in an all-girls school, and I didn't fancy talking to guys however goodlooking he might have been.

A year after that, in 1995, I started dating that talkative guy who wouldn't let me have my quiet moment alone. And he never left me alone since then and I fell in love with him totally. After 4 years, I married him and had a beautiful daughter and had a contented life.

And here we are, I never imagined that we'd get this far. It's been 10 years since I fell in love with him. And I'm so glad where we are right now and I feel so lucky to have him beside me all through these years.

To my bestfriend, father, lover, husband, and my guide through life... happy 10th year anniversary... I love you, babes...
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