Time flies so fast

Been very busy lately. Really. Don't ask me why coz you might think I'm crazy. Honestly, I thought that our clocks in the house were malfunctioning because they were running so fast that I even lose time to do some things. And ever since we moved into the apartment, time seemed to fly so fast. But maybe once you're seated infront of the computer, your time is really fast. Especially for me who have to do lots of things on my computer. Emails, chatting, website, chatting, blogging, chatting, downloading songs, chatting. You see, I've got lots of things to do.

Last Sunday was our off day. We went to church at noon then me & Marlou went back home to rest. Well not really rest, because I booked Marlou for his services and I turned our bed into a... hey what the hell are you thinking?... I turned it into a mini photography studio and I encouraged Marlou to experiment on his lighting and on his camera! What the hell were you thinking, naughty heads?!? It lasted for an hour and a half, I mean the pictorial. Oh my god, do I have to clear your mind out? I know what you're thinking is the one on my mind right now, or maybe it's just me, hahaha!

I was asked by our agency to scan all our passports and send it by email so while Marlou was resting, I worked on my computer. Since I don't have a scanner, I just captured it with my digital camera, page per page, making sure that I have uniform sizes of the passport shots so I wouldn't need to edit & crop it.

At around 6PM, Marlou and I decided to ride the ferry going to the other side, the Shanghai Bund. But it was still a long walk until we reached the Bund, around 30 minutes walk. And when we reached there, it was too late to back out - lots of Chinese and tourists strolling along the Bund! So we just did our thing, me getting my pictures taken. People were looking at me, don't know if they are looking at me or my breasts! We took pics of the Pudong sights. We finished around 9PM, walked all the way to Nanjing Street and then took the subway train back to Shangri-La Hotel. Then this time we were in Pudong, and I guess people were taking our photos this time, if they can see my green shirt from a 2-kilometer distance. We took shots of the Bund just before they turned off all the lights. After that, we went back home. Was a quite fruitful Sunday huh!

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