Thanks to you

It'll be another BATS day tomorrow. So I just finished teaching Brice some new dance steps for our new songs. It's kinda hard to think of some steps when I couldn't move like that onstage. So I have to really freshen up my brain, sit and listen to the song over and over again so I'll get the feel of it. Singing at the Lobby Lounge of Pudong Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai doesn't really stimulate a part of my brain. I think even if I pretend to have a wardrobe malfunction like what I had in KL (which showed off my b**b LOL), people would hardly notice it. Sometimes my butt would itch and I don't even have to think twice whether to scratch it or not hahaha! Maybe the covered grand piano behind me helps in discretion.

It's kinda nice to know that when I hardly update my blog lately, I would receive messages or mails complaining about it. Thanks a lot peeps for constantly checking my site out.

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