Another Sunday at the BATS

I'm sooooooooo tired & exhausted. After more than a week of cutting down to food for "my own" diet and strenuous Pilates and a bit of Yoga, tonight was the most tiring BATS day since we started performing there on Sundays. I don't know maybe because of the songs that Marlou has lined up for today which was almost all choreogprahed songs. Or maybe because I'm just tired & needed much rest. In my Feng Shui for this month, I shouldn't take chances on health & was told to take it easy. So I guess I'll really take it easy this time. Don't want to abuse myself or overdo things. I've got a lifetime to do all that anyway.

After work, we went to the D'Zone's house for a supper. Brice didn't come, she was too tired and was complaining about her body. I ate quite a lot, since there were 4 Filipino dishes prepared. Forget about diet for a while, have to think of what my body needs! Hahaha, alibis, alibis, alibis! And after dinner, I drank with the singers of Culture Shock (Luz & Joan) & D'Zone (Nini) bands. We drank sweet red wine. They've fnished 6 bottles before I arrived so we fnished almost 3 bottles more after I arrived.

So here I am, a "bit" tipsy... okay, over a bit... with the quote "do not abuse oneself"... or am I deceiving myself? LOL

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