Careless laughter

For such a long time, I haven't laughed soooo hard for so long until I was close to tears. Especially not on stage. But tonight, I broke the long silence of careless laughter. There's a group of Russians in the crowd tonight and they're nice guys, they'd listen to our songs and watch our performance. One of them stood up when I sang one of their requests "No Woman No Cry". And I swear, I haven't seen somebody dance like he did. He's no hiphopper nor a ballroom dancer. But he dances with his hip throwing out on his sides, back & front. I really broke down in the middle of the song with a huge laugh, not a timid & controlled one, but one that's really loud that I almost lost my voice!!! Luckily I regained my poise and was able to finish the song when he sat down. Hmmm... can't believe I can actually laugh like that onstage! Yeah yeah yeah, call it unprofessional, but what the heck!

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