Strictly black

We decided to wear a blue evening gown tonight. After having a dinner at the Shangri-La, we were quite prepared to go onstage when we saw our hotel GM. His facial reaction changed right away when he saw us walking in the lounge and it's not satisfying. He quickly approached us and said that he wants us to go back to change into something black. I just nodded and was trying to be discreet as his voice was loud enough to be heard by the guests on a nearby table. And it was already 8:30PM.

So me and Brice queued up for a taxi to go back which took us around 5 minutes. Went back home to change our gowns and accessories. It took us around 15 minutes to do that. Then we waited for taxi for another 10 minutes. It was quiet in the lounge anyway so it's fine. We actually missed our 1st set, "unintentionally", so we only had to do 3 sets tonight. Again, "unintentionally".

It was really quiet in the lounge. But I kinda enjoyed flickng my hair off my face so I cared less for the crowd. Hopefully we won't be noted as "black angels" when we wear black gowns from now on. Anyway, black is black.

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Anonymous said...

Surely a nice blue evening dress does the trick as well, not sure where your GM is coming from with this all black policy...