Flicking & heat wave...

I read in the newspaper today that yesterday, Sunday, was the hottest July 3 in 130 years! No wonder I was complaining about getting dehydrated & exhausted from the heat. It was freaking 39 degrees. It said that the current heat wave will last until this Wednesday. But the summer peak is August so gotta prepare for it.

Oh... and cutting the front part of my hair is a bad decision, unless I clip it when I go out on a hot summer's day. Bad bad bad decision... But I kinda like the way I flick/toss my hair out of my eyes... either by shaking my head sideways or by using my hand. I find it sexy in some women, and ok... sometimes men.

Had I not enjoyed my new hairstyle, I could actually say that it was boring at work today. Time flew so fast, I should have counted how many times I had to flicked my hair in one song! But still, it's a bad decision to have this style on a summer season. What were you thinking, Sarita? Posted by Picasa

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