Chop-chopped songs

It was fairly quiet at the lounge. And since the 1st set, I wasn't in a good mood either. Lucky for singers like me, faces you see while onstage can make you laugh at times.

And what a better way to laugh is to laugh at ourselves. Especially our own mistakes.

Tonight, on our last set, we had another blooper onstage. It's the first time it ever happened to us here in Shanghai since we arrived more than 2 months ago. We were singing and not even halfway through the song, the music stopped. While Marlou was checking the cables, Brice and I continued to talk to the audience. And we only had a person really listening to us. So Brice sang the next song, thinking that all was already set. Halfway through the song, it got chopped again. After reconnecting the cables again, I sang. Halfway through the song, it got chopped for the 3rd time. We ran out of non-sense things to say so I announced that we're taking just a short break to fix the problem. Marlou then changed the cable connnecting the computer to the sound module. Luckily, he would always bring a spare one. We played 4 more songs after that.

It really pays off to prepare for worse things to come. Marlou is good with it, I'm not.

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