Silence is golden... and money-making

We got to work at 8PM, just in time for me to have a coffee & relax a bit. My muscles were all stiffening and aching due to workouts everyday so I needed to relax before our set. The lobby was quiet as usual and I realized everything was in order and the whole lobby looked squeaky clean. When we played our 1st set, we realized the reason why everything seemed to be organized. The heir to the Shangri-La empire of hotels was coming that's why most of the hotel executives were around. We were asked to play the Shangri-La theme song, which I'd usually sing to start off our 1st set, when the son of the owner arrives. So I was doing my usual spiels asking people to sit back and relax and send in their requests if there's any.

Out of nowhere, our GM appeared behind us and told us "no speech, just sing". Yeah, I somehow forgot that he doesn't like singers like us to do our spiels. So we tried our best and controlled ourselves NOT to give a line of gab in between songs. It was so hard at first because we're really used to at least thank the people for applauding or greet the new guests.

But we really HAD TO control ourselves, until I got used to it. What I did after every song for me to divert my attention was either to worry about how I look by flicking my hair of my face (which had been my favorite pass time onstage until it got annoying when I dance or move), or by looking at my nails discreetly and wonder when am I going to do my manicure again or counting the mosquitoes flying about onstage, or shifting from my left leg to my right. Anything... just to divert my attention from automatically raising my microphone after every song.

Well, they're the ones paying us so we'll just have to follow I guess. Silence is not just golden, it's also money-making. Goodluck to us!

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