Moody Sunday

Woke up today at 11:30AM with a big-time headache. The room was spinning but I forced myself to get up. I've only had a little more than 3 hours because me and Marlou finished watching "Fanstastic Four" on DVD at almost 8AM. Made my coffee, prepared myself for church. Brice had her lunch while I had my coffee, barely speaking because I wasn't really in a good mood.

We arrived church just before the mass started. I was so sleepy and I didn't actually understood anything, especially during the Homily. What was worse (for me) was there were people being baptized and it took quite a longer time for the mass to end. After the mass, we walked all the way to the FuXing Electronic Market (Bldg) to check out some stuff there. I bought a rice cooker for Marlou, he's been bugging me about it for a week now. I also managed to find a cuticle nipper, thank goodness! We finished roaming around building at about 5PM and headed back home.

I was feeling really tired when I got home but when I saw my computer, it reminded me handful stuff for me finish so I didn't go to take a rest. Marlou cooked dinner. At about 11PM, our friends came over to have a dinner. More friends came at 1:30AM. They brought only a couple bottles of red wine because everyone were still waiting for salary day - hopefully tomorrow. We finished at past 4AM.

Here I am, trying to stay focused to blog properly. But I'm really dead beat tired so till next blog!

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