Rainy Sat

It was our laundry day, which means, the day to pick-up/deliver our laundry to the hotel. After going through the mazes on the basement to get to the staff laundry department to pick-up our stuff, we went to the nearby Super Brand Mall to do our market chores. We bought veggies for our Sinigang na Salmon and chicken for our special Chicken Adobo. By the way, it's Marlou who cooks for us, we just buy what he needs.

We were doomed when we went out of the mall and found out that it was raining heavily. So we made some "cuts" in the mall to go back to the hotel. Luckily it wasn't busy at all so we were able to get a taxi right away.

Marlou cooked Sinigang Na Salmon while I was taking a rest... okay, okay, while I was on my laptop. He doesn't want me messing around when he's cooking so I stirred clear away from the kitchen. Did my Yoga and Pilates before preparing for work. We ate before we left for work.

He's really good at cooking, in fact, I'm thinking of exploiting him by making money out of his cooking, hahaha! Just kidding!

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