4 damn kilos gained... good or not?

My body's exhausted. From walking for more 5 hours and from the scorching summer heat. Yet it's been a fruitful day.

Started the day by hearing a mass at the St. Peter's Church at 12:30PM. We sat near the choir and it was a good choice because the airconditioner was blowing on that direction. Saw some of the familiar faces from the Filipino community in Shanghai. Since the mass started, I have been having lots of stuff going through my mind. Most of them, funny ones, but I couldn't share with Brice & Marlou because they were so serious. I'm an observer and good relater. I relate one thing to another, but most of the time, in a funny way. I really couldn't help to laugh towards the end of mass when the song we had to sing was in the tune of the Hawaiian classic "Pearly Shells"! Not only I wasn't able to control myself anymore from laughing but I also couldn't control myself from swaying my hips! Luckily, I wasn't the only one because when I turned my head, most of the people were also laughing and smiling.

After the mass, we spent a few minutes mingling with the other Filipinos there. Then we (Marlou, Brice, D'Zone's Ate Nini & Marcial) decided to go to Chi Pu Lu market to do some shopping. We ate lunch first but I wasn't able to finish mine because I didn't like the taste of what I ordered. After lunch, Marlou and Marcial went to Fuxing Lu electronic building & Xiangyang Lu market to do their men stuff, while me, Brice and Ate Nini shopped our hearts out in the cheap clothes market. I bought blouses, hair accessories, fashion accessories, a US$2 sling bag, and lots more. I am proud to say that I got another pair of boots for only RMB20 (US$2.50). Although I had a difficulty bringing all the shopping bags on the way back home, I'm proud that they all only worth costed me a little more than US$50!

When Brice and I went back home, I have organized the things that I bought and cleared out the bed for me to rest. I watched the first 4 episodes of the Season 1 of "Lost" on DVD. At around 9PM, I had my shower and we went out for a dinner at the D'Zone's place. My former bandmate and bandleader Alex Botak cooked some irresistible Filipino dishes. They have a weighing scale and I was shocked to see that I gained 4 damn KILOS!!! Was happy about me gaining weight because they were definitely in the "right places", but quite worried that I might continue gaining weight. So I'm thinking of starting my workout from tomorrow! Hmmm, another goal!

After dinner, Ate Nini volunteered to trim 3 inches off my hair, she also put a slight slashed fringe on the side. It definitely saved me a few bucks and I feel good about it. But my friend reminded me that it's not good cutting your hair at night, if you believe in Feng Shui. I do believe in it but not that seriously. So what the heck, cut it off!

While Brice was having her hair trimmed, Kuya Alex, Marl and I went to a nearby massage parlor. I had a RMB40 (almost US$5) massage for the back and especially the feet. Ohhhh, it felt so good that I fell asleep during the 1 hour schedule.

My off ended at almost 3AM. Just went back home and I'm dead beat tired. Hope you also had a nice weekend like I did. Ciao!

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