Finally... OFF!

After 2 months of continuous hard work & complaints, we're getting our first day off in Shanghai! The Culture Shock band arrived a few days ago to replace the previous band, Rapture, and is now rocking at the BATS. They were kind enough to let us take an off first, then we'd play at the BATS on Sundays alternately with them.

With lots of stuff to do and places to go to, I'm actually quite confused which one to do and go to first. But I've decided, to my band mate's shock (in a good sense though), that I will attend mass. After mass, maybe have a hairtrim and a little shopping - window shopping, that is. And I will eat a great chocolate ice-cream, maybe Haagen-Dazs.

Then maybe I will try to find a good massage parlour. I asked a friend of mine who frequents massage parlours. HE said, he knows a place where you can choose from a variety of MEN to do the massage for you! Sounds interesting, but I think I'm not that "matrona" enough yet to choose a man to do a 'pleasure massage' for me. Thanks, but no thanks!

So I think I will have to go to the nearby BLIND MASSAGE. I hope they have blind women there. Worse comes to worst, I may have to prepare for experiencing excruciating pain on reflexology. Oh and before all these plans work out, I may have to try to go to bed early first...


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