It's been days since I have last blogged. I kinda miss blogging but I had been a lazy bum for the past week. I'd sleep like 7-8AM and wake up at 4-5PM. Whole day wasted in bed. And after work, I'd just surf, download stuff and chat. Hmmm, and at work, I'm getting paid for doing what I love to do: dressing up, painting my face (with cosmetics of course! LOL), singing, dancing, smiling & meeting new friends... great life, isn't it? LOL Hardest part of the day for me I guess is getting in shape. Like after blogging this entry, I'm gonna be hitting the floor for my Pilates... I like working out at this time because since I don't get tired at work here in Shanghai, I could tire myself by working out so I could have a nice sleep at... day. Geez! Posted by Hello

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