The BATS hot seat

It's been a tiring day. Since I got in Shanghai, this is the first time that I went straight to the bed to rest. Was tired and dizzy... or drunk?!?

Went to the hotel in the afternoon. Marlou did the soundcheck and I had my Sunday grocery time. There was a mall promo on sports stuff, exercising gears, machines, etc. I've been trying to find a mat for the past month and I was just lucky today to find one. Although a bit pricy and too soft & thin, it's okay. When we went back to the hotel, I did my Pilates workout... kinda tired because I did the 40 minute workout. And since I haven't worked out in such a long time, the workout wasn't that easy for me. Was exhausted afterwards so I took a 15 minute nap before preparing for work.

We wore a short dress for the 1st time in BATS. And it had been the most fun Sunday we've ever had at the BATS so far. My Chinese friend June and her friends arrived and started filming our set (that I can have some video clips for my site soon!). The huge and fun Australian group arrived on our 2nd set and just suddenly, the BATS was filled and S.R.O. only. Our Filipino friends Kuya Leo, Dang, Gretchen and Adrian-Lao came to visit us as well. It was such a crazy night, but most people were just watching us. It took quite a while for them to fill the dancefloor, when we were almost finishing the evening.

During our breaktime before our last set, Dang asked me whether I'd love a Tequila shot. I said, it's fine with me, as long as it' s just a shot. She took me to the BATS red hot seat and for the past 5 years I have been coming back to Shangri-La Hotel in Shanghai, it was only tonight that I've learned the real purpose of that seat! Basically, you will have to sit-lie on that barber's chair with your head hanging on top of the bar. A waiter will then go and stand on the bar, with him is a Tequila bottle with a small metal nozzle. Dang went first as I didn't know what to do. She handed me her video camera to film her and I was stunned to see that it's not a just a Tequila shot - it's a Tequila pour in the mouth! Boy, it looked fun and I couldn't wait for my turn.

At the time when I had mine, everyone was already looking at me and was being encouraging me by giving their cheers. It wasn't a good girl sight for the Aussie elders, though. So I took my seat, was placed with a table napkin on my chest and was asked to hang my head on the bar. What I didn't know and I wasn't told about was not to move my head or face. So as I was having my Tequila pour, I couldn't tell the bartender to stop so I just got up myself. The Tequila wasn't just poured on my mouth, but all over my face and my shoulders! It got into my eyes and I was kinda worried when I felt the burning sensation in my eye coz I was wearing my contact lenses. Everyone cheered and laughed when I shouted "one more!" and took my seat again. This time I told the bartender that I'm gonna wave my hand to tell him it's enough. And it worked and I finally got a nice, proper and smooth Tequila pour.

When I got back to the stage for our final set, I was wondering why it didn't have a kick on me. By the middle of the set, when we were doing our dance routines and turning and twisting... I was already feeling a bit dizzy, but I was still okay. I guess I felt mixed of tiredness from the workout earlier in the day and the BATS sets which were mostly fast. Plus, I didn't have my dinner. Last food I had was a spicy chicken fillet burger at the McDo. By the end of our evening, I was dead beat tired, but amazingly not hungry.

When we went back to our apartment, I kissed my bed first and dozed off a bit. I got up at 3AM and ate my supper and went online. I chatted with friends, especially Aubz, until just now... 8AM!

It was the fun-filled Sunday for me. Gotta go to bed now!

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