Sunday May 22

Woke up at past 2 in the afternoon. I went straight to the shower because my scalp had been feeling itchy because of the hairspray that I use almost every night. When I finished, the house agent came again to help us with the other things. After she had left, the China Telecom guy came to check our broadband internet. All the LAN outlets all over the house (living room, kitchen, office room and 2 bedrooms... no, there's no LAN outlet in the toilets, I checked it! LOL) can access broadband internet. But the problem is we don't have the account so hopefully they can get back to us right away because time is gold. Especially now that we have just moved in and there's another possibility that they will ask us to move to the hotel when the new tower of Shangri-La Hotel opens at the end of June. Although staying in the hotel is more convenient for us, we'd be more than eager to stay in our present apartment.

We left the apartment at 3:45PM for our BATS soundcheck. Brice went to have her late lunch while I buy some things from the supermarket. Marlou was the only who went to BATS, we don't need to soundcheck actually because he knows the controls already, unless the soundman messed it up the night before. We went back to the apartment and then took a rest. I sewed my blank pants' hem because it's too long and at the the end of the night, all the dust on the stage would accumulate on the hem of my pants. I also double checked the "black hole" part, where it ventilated my private parts during our first BATS performance LOL.

Left the apartment at 8:50PM, reached the hotel. Had a dinner and went to BATS 5 minutes before our set. Saw Bebot (ex-Hotshots drummer) who came to see us for a while. The bar was filled with foreign guests, and of course, those Chinese tarts eyeing for their prey for the night. After our first set, talked to some friends. Nini of D'Zone band came to see us for a while. while we were playing the second set, I saw a familiar face. My friend Emelda of the Beat Culture Band, who was one of the closest friends I've made during my traveling years especially in China, came in to the bar, behind her video camera! She came with their new male singer Leo. We chatted during our breaks. It's been 3-4 years since I've last seen her. She used to be my drinking partner then and my close friend, until now.

After work, we have decided to go to a birthday party of a female singer. But we had to go back to the apartment to change so Dang & Leo came back with us. We took some photos, Dang loved the apartment. We left at around 2PM and crossed the tunnel going to Puxi side. When we arrived at the party, I was shocked to see some of my old friends & other familiar faces. Some of them I met in Malaysia and one of them in HK, but most them were old friends here in Shanghai. My party soul started to kick in, felt like I was the party hostess for the night aside from the birthday girl of course. She was soooo funny and entertaining, kept us laughing until 5AM. There was a time security knocked and brought a police who asked us to minimize the noise. I lost my voice laughing and talking loudly. So I wasn't talking at all in the taxi as we went back home.

Slept at 6AM, didn't have to go online.

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