Boring Saturday

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Woke up at 2PM, the repersentative from the agency came to answer our questions regarding the apartment. She also taught us how to use the remote controls and where to plug whichever adaptor we may need to use at the moment. The rest of the afternoon was just bumming around the place. I was just in the room most of the time, want to spend some quiet time... not really quiet because I've got music on my laptop. Just need to think about things. Today was my seriously pondering moment.

We went to work at 7:30PM, had our dinner as usual. The restaurant was so busy that they had to relocate us from our usual table. At work it was okay, not so boring because at least few people were still appreciating our songs. But during the last set, we wondered where people have gone.

After work, we went home straight and ate our supper. Our old friend Jun (ex-Straightline frontliner) came to visit us. He liked our apartment so much. We talked and laughed until past 5 in the morning. It's already 5:30AM. Need to catch some good rest for tonight's gig at the BATS! Good morning!

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