Monday May 23

Woke up at 2PM. Boiled some water for my coffee as I fixed the bed. Put all my laundry in the laundry bag, it's laundry day! Brice woke up at 3:30PM so we left at almost 4PM. Dropped and picked up our laundry, Brice had her late lunch, I went to the supermarket to buy some things. We went back home at 5PM. Internet guys came to fix our broadband access. But only the LAN outlet in Marlou's office room is working, so I have to move myself there... only when I do my internet thang.

We left for work at 7:30PM, had our dinner and started our work right on time at 8:30PM. Lobby lounge was okay, people appreciating our music until we finished our set. There were friends from KL who came on our last set so I chatted with them for a while. We went back home at 12:45AM.

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