Our 1st day at the Summit Panorama

We got up at 11:30AM to move out all our luggages from our apartment. I went down to check-out from the reception and retrieve my RMB200 deposit I gave during check-in. We waited for the hotel's Human Resources guy to pick us up, but he arrived just by himself without the hotel van. We called for 3 cabs and loaded our things and left for our new apartment. We were told that it's a lot better than the Pent-Ox apartment.

The Summit Panorama is much nearer to Shangri-La Hotel and just a block away from the riverside road. We can see the river from our room and terrace/balcony but there are lots of constructions around the area. Lots of new buildings being constructed. Shanghai, particularly Pudong, is really booming and the pace is sooo fast.

So we reached the Summit Panorama and unloaded our things from the 3 cabs. The HR guy gave us our keys to our new apartment. It's very secured and the place is really classy. There are only 3 units per floor. When I entered our unit, I was amazed and astonished. I asked the guy if we're really staying there. The design is modernized and the furnitures match the design of the whole unit. The theme is wood of dark brown, flesh and beige color, and transparent glasses and mirrors all over the place. The lightings add a modern touch. The kitchen is really nice with all the hi-tech stuff we don't even know how to use -- most of them in Chinese characters. We'd rely on the drawings. Funny thing is the fridge because we don't know how to use its water and ice dispenser. Everything's in Chinese! The stove is electric and is built-in with the kitchen counter. I guess if I'm drunk, I'd stay out of the kitchen unless I'd like to burn my face and would rather choose to pass out on the kitchen counter!

There are 3 rooms: an office room, a smaller bedroom and the best part of the unit -- the master's bedroom. The bathroom and toilet in the master's is behind a transparent glass so I can be seen either if I'm in the bedroom or if I'm inside the bathroom. It's really nicely designed. The transparent bathroom is great especially if you close all the lights and just leave the colored bulbs lighting the bathroom, really sexy! But it's such a turn-off if I'd do my dirty business in the toilet and I could be seen doing that! The bathroom fixtures are really modern too. The toilet bowl looks more like a covered trash can. The ceramic sink is on top of a glass table (with the piping underneath) which makes it look like a big salad bowl! The shower are quite complicated, luckily there are drawings on it & no chinese characters in there. The cordless phone took a while for us to get it working, because it's in Chinese as well. All the remote controls of the air conditioning units and televisions are all in Chinese as well so we would just give it a trial and error kind of effort.

Brice and I went to the mall to buy some stuff (toiletries, cleaning tools, etc) for our new apartment. We also had to buy bottled waters, which were really really heavy! We took a cab and went back to the apartment at 5PM. Fixed, unpacked a bit and then prepared for work. It was boring at work and we didn't order any supper, we have a lot of food stock at home which will be expiring soon we just finished it off. I unpacked and fix our room. I positioned my pc by the window in the master's so I'm facing the room and have the windows beside and behind me, still can enjoy the views -- of the constructions going on and of course, vehicles passing by.

There is still no broadband access in the unit, but we were told that there used to be a broadband access here. So have to rely on dial-up at the moment. Hopefully the agency representative will come to our apartment tomorrow afternoon to explain us how to get things working.

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