Summit Panorama

Goshhhh! Our new apartment is really beautiful. We're quite thankful that we were asked to move here because it's actually a high-class apartment. Although we're gonna miss the cleaning ladies at the Pent-Ox who screams every day one they get in the apartment. We're staying at the 15th floor, overlooking the pier & the bund. It's a block away from the riverside road and it's much nearer to the hotel. It's also a block away from the malls Yaohan & Times Square & the computer building (very important!!!). The only down thing is we can't get the broadband working! Gonna tell you about it later because I'm just waiting for my other 2 colleagues to finish preparing. Took some pics too!

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Anonymous said...

HuwaT! Can't get the broadband going? Holly cow! That aint good dangit' High speed internet connection is more important than high class apartment. Remember "Nokia"? it bring us all together hahahahaha..