Quiet Tuesday

Woke up at 2PM. Made my coffee, edited some pictures, replied some mails. Had my shower at 4PM, then Brice and I went for a walk in the neighborhood. There are lots of department stores/malls around our area: Next Age, Times Square and the new International Shopping Centre. I also rediscovered that the new tunnel going to the other side of Shanghai, Puxi, is on the same street where we live. There are lots of commercial shops near Summit Panorama. What I was quite thankful to know that we have it near us is Watsons at the International Shopping Centre. We went to NextAge to look for an internet cafe. My friend Dang told me that there is an internet cafe there but we have already reached the 9th floor of NextAge, we didn't find any internet cafe shops. I bought a hair dryer and my contact lenses solution, then went back home.

Prepared for work at 6:30PM and left the house 8:45PM. It took us around 5 minutes to get a cab. Had our dinner and started working at 8:30PM. Tonight's crowd was great, so we grooved with grace as we entertained them with our songs. Last set was good too, we've got guests from South Africa and they made our night more enjoyable. After set, one of them approached us if they can get us some drinks. Since we're already finished with our job, I guess it's alright with the management to have a drink. Oh my God... I had my first alcoholic drink tonight - red wine - since we got in Shanghai! Wooohooo!!! We went back home and ate supper. Then edited more pics before going online.

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