Bargain queen strikes back!

At 3PM, I was still lying lazily in bed, I even put my alarm clock on snooze. It's the first day of my cycle and I've been feeling so lazy. But I had to get up and take a shower because I need to get the dresses from my tailor and also, buy a pair of boots and maybe a black slacks/pants if I see one. I asked Brice a favor to get my laundry from the hotel so that we couldsave time. We left the house at 4PM, took a cab, Brice dropped me off at the ferry station. I crossed the river aboard a ferry, took another cab and went to my tailor to pick up the dresses. I didn't even fit them anymore. So I took the same cab and went to Chi Pu Lu market. It was already 5PM when I got there and most of the shops were already closing. Luckily I was able to buy me a pair of black slacks and black boots (at last) for only RMB40!!! It's just less than US$5, can you imagine?!? Well, it's not an original leather boots and the original price was RMB80 and I was able to use my irresistible charms to get it at a price halfway down. I also bought a small Bally bag for RMB30, good for work.

I was done by 5:45PM and I was having a difficulty trying to get a cab. Everyone was going back and was hailing for empty cabs. I crossed the street and waited on both sides, I was even in the middle of the street, almost hit by a big bus because I was running after an empty cab! I was feeling kinda bit hopeless fighting my way to get a cab. Then at 6:30PM, a cab stopped right infront of me, dropped its passenger, and I almost jumped inside the cab without opening the door! I was so thankful and tired. I reached home without any difficulty at all. I was just in time to prepare for work. I fitted all the dresses, they were all good. I fitted the black slacks I just bought, and although its size is medium, it was so tight that I can't even fit on my hips!!! Hmmm, too tired to go back there anytime this week. Maybe can give it as a present for anyone who might be needing it. Or maybe Brice will fit in it.

Left home at 7:30PM, had dinner at the hotel and started working at 8:30PM. It was a good night. We had an NBA basketball player in the crowd, Desmond Macy, and I had a chance to take a photo with him. On our last set, people danced in the lobby lounge, most of them dancing were from South Africa and they liked all the reggae, so we played a bit reggae in a soft level.

After work, got my food and then we went back home. I edited some pics, replied some mails, and updated my blog. I've been wondering why I haven't had much hits on MY ONLINE PICS section, but having lots of hits on MY BLOG. But it's somehow flattering that people are reading more of me rather than seeing more of me. Just like me, buying a Chinese mag and "reading" just pics! LOL

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