Good rest

Just woke up 30 minutes ago. I had a very good sleep, I guess it's the best sleep I had in 2 weeks. We've been very busy with packing and unpacking stuff, always moving around! Settling down at a new place, then they'd ask us to pack again.

In relation to that, we got a call at 10AM today. Some Chinese guy speaking Chinese couple of times in the middle of my sleep. So I think the only phrases I'd always say and repeat are "Tim pu tong" which means "I don't understand" and "English", asking the other party to speak in English. I don't think he got it when I said those phrases coz he kept on calling. The last time he called was accompanied with door bells already. Marlou got up and opened the door. It's the owner of the apartment!!! I heard them having some discussions.

On the face ot it, even though he has a contract with the Shangri-La, he got shocked that somebody else is staying in his apartment. The last person who stayed here was a hotel executive, think he's a director of sales or marketing department. And of course, he'd be shock to see 3 beautiful people in replacement of a maybe old guy! Hahaha!

Hopefully, he won't terminate his contract with the hotel and ask us to move to another place again... Keeping our fingers and toes crossed... Gotta prepare now, we have an early dinner with a friend...

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