Nice weather on a Wednesday

Woke up at 3PM, went straight to the kitchen and boiled some water for my coffee. Brice had her food as well while we were chatting about my classical voice. I even let her hear the song "Phantom of the Opera" that I have recorded 10 years ago, she couldn't even believe that it was me. I must admit that I feel kinda depressed whenever I hear my own voice in recordings before. It took a lot of discipline and hard work for me to have that voice, I mean my classical voice. I sometimes use it in my Sarah Brightman or Charlotte Church songs right now but the quality isn't just the same with my voice before. But I'm quite thankful for having what I have right now because it has helped me a lot. But of course, it's just normal to regret sometimes, especially on things that you used to have before but have lost it.

As I was having my coffee with Brice and eating my biscuit. I was chewing slowly and I felt a hard thing. Thought it was included in the biscuit and knowing myself, not so sensitive and fussy with stuff, so I continued chewing the hard thing, even crushing it with my own teeth. Then I realized that my left front tooth bccame a bit sensitive! OH MY GOD!!! I swallowed my own tooth! Oh well, just a part of it!! Hahahaha! Will take a photo of it soon and will try to show you all my cavities, hahaha! I'm still trying to find a nailfile to unsharpen it.

Brice and I left at 4:30PM and went to our tailor. He managed to finished the 6 dresses (3 each for both of us), but had to repair 2 of them because they were tight. We also bought some lacy thing to attach to one of the dresses. So we just got 2 dresses today. My tailor is really good. He has made lots of dresses for me already and I'm satisfied with his creation. Even Brice loved his job. We walked past some shops when we were trying to get a cab. Went back home at past 6PM.

We left for work at 7:40PM, had our dinner as usual and started to work on time. Crowd tonight was great again. Same bunch of guests we had since the last weekend. D'Zone's Marcial came and waited for us until we finished our set. He came back home with us, we had supper at home. I went online around 3AM after finishing tallying the taxi fare computation. I've spent a lot on our transportation and the hotel hasn't reimbursed our taxi fares yet so don't have much budget to shop! Grrrrrr!

Oh I still have to find for my nailfile...

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