Our Baby Girl Is Back In Town!

The Crazy Fambam Together Again
Whenever there's a chance for us to be together, we always grab it and never let it pass without even trying. Our daughter Selena has been busy with her university life as a business freshman of De La Salle University in Manila plus some shows and events that she does in connection with her budding career as the Ukulele Girl.

That's why when we knew that she didn't have any engagements or school activity for this last week of October, we booked her tickets right away. Aside from endless video chats and Apple Watch chats that we do every single day, get-together as a family is very important for us. And this is how we keep our family close and tight despite the distance.

However, because it's peak season for airline ticketing in the Philippines as we celebrate Nov 1st and 2nd as All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day respectively and most schools have their semestral break at this time, the tickets were quite pricey and the cheapest one we could get was a red-eye flight that leaves 11PM from Manila. And we booked it anyway without missing a beat.
Crazy Fambam with Edlyn
So after our Saturday night show, together with our friend Edlyn, we booked a Grab to take us to the airport. We arrived the KLIA 2 at 3:15AM and we didn't have to wait for long as she has already landed and was queuing for immigration at that time. The funny thing was, we brought along the bouquet that was given to me by a good friend but none of us wanted to carry it as it was such an attention grabber. LOL! Watch the video below to see how crazy it can get.

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