Celebrating Ramadan & Hari Raya at DARC Malaysia

We all know that Ramadan season is the very highlight in Islam tradition. I have not experienced Ramadan in other countries except in Malaysia and this is what I have observed here. During this month-long fasting time, most restaurants and shopping malls are usually quiet or 'dead' at daytime and would only be swarmed before dinnertime for their "buka puasa" or breaking fast.

And one of the places in Malaysia that does it is owned by our family friends in Denai Alam in Shah Alam, called Denai Alam Recreation and Riding Club or DARC. The club is only open in the morning for riding classes then all the staff prepare for their Ramadan Buka Puasa buffet, which is always full every single day.

The booths at DARC's buffet is a mix of local favourites, from dates (which they eat first to offiicially break the fast), starters, hot and cold dishes, lamb steak, rendang, curry, burgers, local desserts and ice cream, and lots of choices for beverages. And the best part is, you can all have this at a very affordable price person for RM 33 (member) and RM 40 (non-member).

They usually do this every year. But their club is open all year round for its members and they also welcome non-members to enjoy their amenities and activities. Check them out on Facebook: DARC Horse Malaysia or DARC Denai Alam.

Anyway, here are the promotional videos that I did for them.



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