It is my birthweek and it is Cyber Sale Week in Malaysia!

It's my birthweek and hell yeah, it's Cyber Sale week in Malaysia! Everyone's going gaga over the different online store's special discounted prices... especially me! And yes, I've been looking forward to this and have already listed what I wanted to buy. It happens once a year and I'm not sure if it's on the same dates everywhere year but this 2016, it's on 26-30 September. My only dilemma is whether they will be delivered on time to me before we check out this weekend.

But hey! I ordered these goodies from different websites at 6AM just before I hit the bed and when I woke up at 3PM, the hotel concierge called up in my room and told me they'd be sending over my parcel. That's fast! Pretty cool, huh? Now I'm waiting for other stuff that I ordered from the other online shopping sites. And this is how I will celebrate my birthday this year! It's on September 29, if you may ask. *wink*

Here are my recommended Malaysian sites to shop on from 26th until 30th of September:


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