Watch: Valentine's Day 2016 in KL

Valentine's Day is sooo overrated. And yes, I can say that again and again. It has become so commercialised that establishments use the day for their romantic dinner sets, Valentine's sale, etc. And my husband knows that I really am not fond of flowers - coz they wither away. Yes they look nice, but it's just a waste of money for me. Want to show your affection? Chocolates and wine will do for me - coz these would really make me happy. Or better yet, gadgets. Oh YES, gadgets always make me HAPPIER! Hahaha!

So what did we do on V-day? Luckily it fell on our offday (Sunday) this year. In the afternoon, we went to Berjaya Times Square to shop for some stuff that we will need for our backpacking adventure in March. I also bought new bands for my Apple Watch and some accessories for my Sony Action Cam at Low Yat Plaza. Yes, we're that excited for the upcoming adventure! :)

At night, we attended the grand 82nd birthday celebration of our friend Gan's mother, who we also call "Mother" as everybody in the party did. The party was held at The Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel KL and our friend Cess, Gan's life partner, made sure that we didn't lose our way coming from our room. LOL! We were delighted to sit next to Cess and Gan's posse, who are also our guests in the Lobby Lounge, like Cherry, Cheryl, Leah, Hawa, and Cess' identical twin sister Tara and her beautiful family. Food was great and the pacing between dishes was alright. Entertainment was provided by the members of the family, and I was pretty amazed at how musically talented the Gan clan is. It was fun especially when karaoke time started. All the ladies in our table backed Cheryl up during her spot singing "Dancing Queen". And I also sang "Mercy" and the ladies also backed me up with their great dancing and stage presence. So thankful to Cess and Gan for inviting us and the rest of the Gan clan for being so welcoming and nice to us. Here's the video of my performance and some photos:

Oh and just wanna share these sweet-nothings,Valentine's Day posts on Facebook and Instagram that Marl and I made for each other... as if we never get to express our love for each other every single day. LOL!

And here's a funny snippet of us greeting our friend Arpie, who's in Manila, on Valentine's Day through a video message. His response was hilarious. LOL!

And there goes my Valentine's Day in 2016. Not so Valentine-y but it was just as awesome as a romantic evening. Hope you all had a great celebration in your own way. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

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