Passport renewal in Kuala Lumpur

Got my new passport!
Finally got my new passport! Contrary to the 2-month passport renewal processing of Philippine Embassies around the world that I read online, I got mine just after 3 weeks. Yayyy for that!

Before renewing my passport in the beginning of January 2016, I researched online and read some blogs about it. I was kinda scared of not having my new passport back right on time just before we finish our 6-month stint in KL at the end of February. But I went to the Philippine Embassy of Malaysia anyway to do my renewal. I was assisted by Jericho and Jenny - our good old friends from the embassy from way back when (LOL!). Glad that they're still there!

Passport Finder Info
Anyway, when my turn came, I was asked to pay RM 255 - that's just about double of what we pay in the Philippines for passport processing! But I think it's just fair with all the international courier service and the unexpectedly faster processing. Along with my receipt is a note on Passport Finder - an online tracking thing for passports so the applicant won't have to call, or worse go to the embassy, every single day just to check if the passport is ready for pickup. All you have to do is enter the passport application number that's on your receipt. Out of curiosity, I logged on it and I checked mine around 3 weeks after application and voila! It's ready for pickup! Yesss! But with the Chinese New Year holiday, I just decided to pick it up yesterday - the first day of work after CNY. Glad to see the beautiful Jenny again.

With just more than 2 weeks left of our 6-month stint in Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Marl and I are very busy planning for our backpacking tour during the whole month of March for our well-deserved break. We are coming back again in April to do another 6-month contract and we're very thankful for that!


Unknown said...

During the application we had attached all supporting documents,information like home address etc according to your department terms and conditions.
Pls check her application for the passport renewal.

Unknown said...

Good morning ! Sir.
This is about an application for renewal a new passport.
My wife is a Filipino. She had applied it on 19 Feb 2019 through your council Mission in Kota kinabalu, Sabah.

Disappointed, until now she didn't get her new passport more than 3 months.

All supporting documents or information according to terms and conditions by your department had submitted, even service fees for the application RM384 (Epppt and visa)also paid.

Pls advice about it.
Her name(applicant) :
Glorobel Roda Willas.
Receipt number : 8277241 (receipt issued by your council mission)

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Jon Arther said...

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