Finally, is back online!

Ladies and gents, friends and lovers, Romans and Venetians... guess who just got her old domain back? Oh yes, is definitely back in my loving arms. I lost the domain 2 years ago after letting it expire because my previous domain registrar charged me an unfairly hefty fee after 8 years of domain ownership. In the bitter end, they wanted me to pay US$350 for me to use it again, and I declined of course. And with a heavy heart, I had to give up all hopes of getting my old domain back. I also got a couple of notices that there have been inquiries and interest from other people to get my domain I guess that's their marketing strategy. But that didn't work well with them. At least for me. I also had to let go of my other domains under that registrar for my other sites that I used to own, design, or maintain. I even thought that SaritaONLINE would be SaritaOFFLINE someday. So this morning, after giving up for more than a year, I just tried to check who is currently owning my old domain. The page was blank and my heart skipped a beat. So I checked with if my old domain is open for registration again. And I swear... I literally jumped out of bed, cheering silently while hubby was still snoring. And to my surprise, from US$ 350 that my old registrar was charging me, I got it for only US$ 2.99 annually for the first 3 years (after applying a promo code I found on the net). So I registered it for the next 5 years! Yes, is definitely back online, y'all! WOOOOOOT!!! 👍 For others' information, I have been designing personal websites since 1997, when hubby got his first notebook ever (remember HTML codes on Geocities and Tripod, IRC chat rooms, and that dreading modem sound every time you wanted to connect to the Internet in the late 90's?). Then I started designing websites professionally around 2003. Then I lost interest again. Then I started to have a day-by-day online journal on my personal website then - way before "blogging" even became a word. Then came this Blogspot site in 2005. Then Blogspot and other Google sites got blocked behind the Great Firewall of China so I stopped blogging. Then I went back to designing again and attempted to blog again. Then I knew about Twitter in 2008 so I stopped blogging because I'd always find myself staring at my screen every time I blog and go past 140 characters. Then there were numerous attempts to go back to blogging, designing, videography, and all things I'm having a love-and-hate relationship with. So anyway, cheers to a brand new life of Who knows I just might get too inspired to design a whole new website again! 😉

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