What a Note-able week!

It's been a week since Marl and I bought our his-and-hers Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smart phones. White for me, black for him. It was my first time to use an Android phone. I remember I had a Chinese Android tablet before which only served as an e-book reader most of the time - because it was sooo slow.

But this Android experience is quite different. I enjoy doodling on it and scribbling on it. I'm very happy with it that I don't get to login on my computers that often anymore. Don't get me wrong. I'm still a full-fledged Apple user. Though I must admit that I only use my iPad2 as a lyrics book onstage only. I tried switching to my Note 2 for my lyrics but navigation was a bit confusing. But I'm gonna be giving it another try. If I get used to it, I can sell off my iPad2, along with hubby's iPad1.

I musta admit that I'm a happy Droider. Dont't hate on me, Apple fans. It does feel great experiencing the best of both worlds. ♥

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