Sarita Carreon for the new BLEND 45 TV commercial

It was launched at the Sunday noontime show of ABS-CBN called "ASAP" almost a week ago. I didn't see it but my friends started to text and leave messages to me asking me if it was me whom they have seen in the series of commercials. I got really excited. I've been waiting for it to come out. It was one of the memorable projects I have done, because I did this during the busy month of September. In fact, I did this around my Forever-25th birthday this year. :) Also, this is a remarkable campaign to bring back the pioneer coffee brand of the Philippines from Universal Robina Corporation (URC). All versions were directed by Direk Henry Frejas. Makeup was done by Jennie Lee.

Here's main storyboard called GISING PINOY where all the flavors are featured together with all the leads. This is the TV commercial that has been airing on Philippine TV these days. Soooo proud to be a part of it! Just in case... I'm the lady who noticed the crying baby, who bought and drank coffee, and carried the baby to make her stop crying. :)

All the lead characters in this project have our own storyboards that represents each of the 3 different flavors of Blend 45. My partner and I are featured for the Blend 45 Pula, with a storyboard entitled MALAMBING ("Sweet" in English). The setting is inside the bus, with me getting disappointed with my husband being insensitive and pulling the blanket away from me as he sleeps soundly. When the bus reached an R&R station, he invited me to have coffee but I ignored him. As he was having his coffee, I fell asleep inside the bus. He looked at my direction and saw me sleeping like a sleeping beauty. :) He then went back to the bus and offered me coffee as a "peace offering". Ending shot was us having a sweet coffee moment. :) Anyway, here it is... enjoy! :)

SARITA CARREON & CESAR CRUZ for Blend 45 Pula "Malambing" TVC

Here are the other 2 versions for BLEND 45 Puti and Barako flavors which feature the other lead talents. It was definitely great to work with these people. We had a great time bonding in the set near Tagaytay during the first 2 day shoot... then it was followed with a 30-hour shoot right after my birthday.

And here is the 15-second cut that is being aired on TV, too...

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