Happy November!

Block Eye Peace :)
Today, I'd like to share with you a photo that hubby and I did last night after gig. Since he has loads of studio (and outdoor) lighting equipment, he's experimenting on different lighting setup almost everyday. And he's so lucky that he has a model-at-hand whenever he wants to shoot.

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All for art's sake :)
What's special about this shoot is that after retouching my gig makeup to make it finer for the shoot, I realized that since hubby wants me to do this pose, I would need to paint my 2 nails with a dark color. But I don't have any dark colored nail polish as I'm not really a manicure-and-pedicure kinda kikay girl. I only have some light colored nail polishes and nail coats.

But I needed to paint them dark.

So what I did was I took a black marker pen and marked my 2 nails with it. It sure looked unattractive and blah so I put some glittery nail coat over it. Voila! Instant black nails! :)

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicBut the problem came the next day after. I couldn't get it off since I don't have nail polish remover or acetone. So I resorted to painting the rest of my nails with a black marker but I couldn't find where I put it last night! LOL. So I had to endure performing tonight with only 2 painted nails! LOLLLLL!

All for art's sake, huh? :)

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